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cilantro taking well

The cilantro transplant went well, even with all the hot weather we have been having. Advertisements

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The Changing Light

Gardening up here is so nice.  The illumination is constantly changing on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge.  The effect is an ever-changing exhibition alternately highlighting and hiding … Continue reading

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How to Eat a Sprout

Sprouts are an intimidating food. The potential variety of their use is sends me into a whirlwind of recipe ideas. I end this burnout now  by telling a story about … Continue reading

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Our favorite Zucchini Recipies

Zucchini Oven fries 1 cage free organic egg white 1/4 cup water 2 Tbls almonds 1 tsp sea salt dash smoked paprika or cayenne pepper 1 cup  crushed Rye Vita/ breadcrumbs/ … Continue reading

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Them Peas go Snap

Yummy, tasty, fresh, peas.   sooo excited by the harvesting, I might like it more than planting.

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waiting on the lettuces

Waiting for those lettuces to grow all big and juicy…

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Second July Market!

And we have our second Market for the month of July!  We have our one albino squash of the week, many green squash, a full harvest of green beans, some … Continue reading

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Squash Blossoms Close at Night

  I noticed that the squash blossoms seem to close at night.  Here, Just after dusk we see the closed squash blossom.  I don’t know if it also means it … Continue reading

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Volunteer Totsoi

This totsoi came up in the squash bed.  And tis going to seed so maybe we will gather it in for next year.

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Building Clouds in the South

Some clouds moved in showing some great ‘cloud waterfalls’ as it came up over the southern cliffs of the gorge.  And great silhouettes of the slopes up river.

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Blue Jay – er Bird

We had a blue jay flitting around as we ate lunch.  quick fellah, but he settled on the roof long enough for me to almost get him.  And It probably … Continue reading

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Bright Squash Blossoms

The young squash have many bright and healthy blossoms with a few bees buzzy around.  so delicate, so exciting.

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